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Actiongroup protects the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador


Protect the Amazon from oilspills


October 2020 || The Amazon forest is catastrophically hit by oil spills. The Foundation of Indigenous Women in the Ecuadorian Amazon developed an action plan.

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The Amazon rainforest is the heart of the planet and its inhabitants are the guardians of this vast ecosystem full of life. Together they protect a third of all species on earth and contribute greatly to the fresh water cycle we all benefit from. However, this rich biotope is increasingly destroyed and polluted by human activities.


The land of the las Cuencas Sagradas, with more than 30 million hectares located in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador and Peru, is inhabited by about 25 different nationalities and peoples, each as diverse as the surrounding forest, with their own language, wisdom and customs. Populations that have known for thousands of years how to live together in harmony with the forest and its inhabitants.

Today, however, these communities in the Amazon are catastrophically affected by oil spills caused by the endless extraction of oil and minerals. Even the most remote, untouched areas have been contaminated with oil, which has been carried by rivers up to 200 km from the spill’s origin. This causes major problems in the water and food supply for the communities living here. Farms are infected, and hunting and fishing are causing health problems from eating contaminated animals.

In response to this emergency in the Amazon, an action plan for protection has been developed by the Fundacion de Mujeres Indigenas de la Amazonia Ecuatoriana (Foundation of Indigenous Women in the Ecuadorian Amazon). The action plan consists of the organization of campaigns and marches, multiple sit-ins in front of various state institutions and the request for oil companies to carry out environmental remediation. The activists are demanding that their communities finally be heard and that nature and the environment are not further harmed.

“We view nature as a wealth and we are against the irresponsible ways in which this wealth is exploited, so we will fight to defend our nature, our Pachamama, our Yakumama.”

In addition to nature conservation, the action calls for a better quality of life for the inhabitants of the Amazon forest in Ecuador. These inhabitants are the direct guardians of our Amazon region, of the lungs of the earth, and their activism is desperately needed to protect the liveability of our planet.