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Housing for people, not profit! Housing revolt Rotterdam


ACTION • Woonopstand! National housing demonstration in Rotterdam


On the 17rd of October, a broad coalition of solidarity organizations make a statement for a radically different housing policy! Come and support!

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housing demonstration - right to the city

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The past decades housing insecurity has increased rapidly in the Netherlands. Homelessness has doubled and the housing shortage has exploded. Renting has become flexible and many people are forced to rent temporarily, insecure, or too expensive. Social housing is sold, demolished, and liberalized on a large scale. Time for a broad, national coalition to make a statement on the 17th of October in Rotterdam. Housing for people, not profit!


On the 17th of October, we together make a fist for a radically different housing policy. Everybody should have access to affordable and secure housing: it’s a human right! The current housing policy of the state and the municipalities is failing for years to secure this human right. A broad coalition of organizations demand:

  • Housing policy that guarantees availability, affordability, and housing security.
  • No homelessness, no evictions, no forced relocations.
  • Investment in widely accessible public housing: stop the marginalization of the social sector, abolish the landlord levy.
  • No discriminatory housing policy. Get rid of the Rotterdamwet and more homes for people with disabilities.
  • Policy that includes and supports residents to participate in the development of their homes, neighborhoods, and cities.
  • Containing the financialization of housing: houses are not commodities. Freeze rents for 5 years.
  • Fewer market forces, lower rents: extract the WOZ value from the rent, regulate rents also in the free sector, and make the point system generally binding. Penalize excessive rents.
  • Treat buying and renting as equal. Support housing cooperatives and provide access to land.
  • Reverse flexibility and guarantee housing security: fixed rental contracts and permanent housing.

Het Actiefonds supports the organization of de Woonopstand. Come to Rotterdam on the 17th of October and make a fist for a radically different housing policy! Sign the call to action as an organization? Go to www.woonopstand.nl!

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