Het X-Y Actiefonds:

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1094 AL Amsterdam
The Netherlands


+31 (0)20 6279661

NL 46 TRIO 0338622039


Apply for funding

The application form is available in the following languages:

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Please take your time to fill out the application form below and be specific in your answers.

General information

It would be a shame if you invest your time in an application that does not meet our criteria. We therefore ask you to make sure that:

  • You have read the criteria
  • Your project is not a humanitarian and/or health related project
  • Your project is not an emergency aid project
  • Your project is not an education focussed project nor does it solely focus on awareness.

Please note that we get together every month except for the month of August. There is therefore no deadline to (y)our application process. But do make sure to file the application in time.

For your convenience we also provide our application form as a downloadable Word document. If you fill in the offline form, please email it to project@hetactiefonds.nl.

Urgent application

Are you organising an action to draw attention to an urgent issue? Or to react to sudden political or societal developments? And weren’t you able to apply for funding sooner because your action has to be organised immediately? In that case we can treat your application as an urgent application. With an urgent application you can request an amount up to 250 euros. A decision concerning your request will be made within days. Please note: this option is specifically meant for unforeseen situations, not for last minute funding for actions that are already prepared.

Application form

  • Contact person

  • Group

  • About the project

  • What problem are you addressing/trying to solve? (Keep it concise, 100-150 words)
  • Please give us links to relevant websites, newspaper articles and videos related to the problem you're addressing, so we can inform ourselves
  • What is the concrete goal of your project? (50-100 words)
  • What are the concrete activities within your project? (150-500 words)
  • How many people are you expecting to participate in the project, or how many people are you expecting to mobilise?
  • For which activity or activities are you requesting funding from Het X-Y Actiefonds (100-150 words)
  • Do you have follow-up plans for after this activity? If so, what are they? If not, why not?
  • Time and place

  • Budget

  • Total budget of the project
  • Amount of money requested from Het X-Y Actiefonds (max EUR 3000. For Western-Europe max EUR 2000)
  • Accepted file types: xls, xlsx, pdf, doc, rtf, docx.
    Upload your budget in euros as PDF or spreadsheet file
  • In most cases Het X-Y Actiefonds cannot completely fund the requested amount of money. What will you do if you don't receive (a part of) the requested amount? Who are other (possible) sponsors?
  • Background group

  • In which year was your group founded? Why was it founded? (150 words)
  • What is the (political/social) goal of your group? (100-300 words)
  • What are your most important activities? (100-300 words)
  • Can you name prior (successful or less successful) activities by your group? Do you have links/sites/photos/videos/reports for these activities? (100-300 words)
  • What was the yearly budget in the past year, in Euros?
  • Do you have (structural) internal financial resources? If so, how much and from what source?
  • Do you have external financial support? If so, how much and from whom/which organisation?
  • Do you work together with other groups?
  • Can you list two references (name/address/telephone number/website)?
  • Are there other ways Het X-Y Actiefonds can support your action?
  • Bank details

  • Required for non-EU bank-accounts!
  • only for payments outside of the European Union
  • If you do not have access to a bank account, how would you like to receive the money?