Het Actiefonds:

Lombokstraat 40
1094 AL Amsterdam
The Netherlands


+31 (0)20 6279661

NL 46 TRIO 0338622039



Het Actiefonds is always on the lookout for motivated people that want to participate and help our cause. Without the love of our volunteers, Het Actiefonds is not able to support the myriad of worldwide projects every year.

General information

Because of its diversity in themes and worldwide range of projects, Het Actiefonds is the organisation via which you can put your ideals into practice. We provide you with guidance and offer to build experience in an environment characterised by strong activist history.

Below you can browse through our current vacancies. We mostly offer voluntary work and internships. If we launch a paid vacancy, this will explicitly be stated.

Voluntary positions and internships

Regional specialists

Het Actiefonds has five sections with regional specialists that judge proposals relating to their content. These sections are Asia, Latin-America, Africa, Western-Europe and Eastern-Europe. Are you affiliated with activism, social movements and are you knowledgeable regarding specific parts of the world? Do you feel motivated to support the goals and visions of Het Actiefonds for a few hours every month? Please send us an email! You can reach us at info@hetactiefonds.nl

If you are active within a certain section you are not required to act at expert level for every topic assessed. Specific knowledge on regional social and political tensions, developments and the dynamics of social movements are the crucial aspects we expect. During our monthly in-depth discussions, you can furthermore strengthen and broaden your knowledge and tools.

Practical information

Every section meets once a month in Amsterdam. To safeguard continuity within sections, you are expected to attend at least 8 of 12 sessions a year – plus we ask a guarantee to stay within this section for at least a year. Het Actiefonds works with a trial period of three months. During these months, we check whether you and your team can cooperate in a good way. You are of course able to claim a return for the (travel) costs you make.