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EU pays Tunisia to let migrants die in the desert instead of European waters

10 September 2023

CW: (Sexual) violence, death Distress call during a celebration On July 18, a day after Mark Rutte, Giorgia Meloni, Ursula von der Leyen and Kais Said clinked glasses in Tunis over their brand-new migration deal, Alarm Phone received the following report: “We are not doing well. We were attacked by armed soldiers. Libyan troops shot […]

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‘Crazy for this Democracy’ — On the protests against the new Israeli government

15 January 2023

More protests, more violence Since the COVID pandemic, Israeli anti-government protests have been a recurring phenomenon. First the protests were about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s corruption scandals or draconian pandemic policies. Netanyahu risks 10 years in prison for corruption charges, so he is desperately trying to stay in power to retain immunity. To save his […]

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UPDATE • Lützerath stays!

12 January 2023

Anyone who traverses the German Rhineland by car can marvel at the huge craters that dominate the landscape. The holes are so deep and large that for a moment you imagine yourself on another planet. The driver sees only dust and stone as far as her gaze reaches. The Garzweiler mine, for example, has an […]

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Activist in Myanmar: living under constant threat

6 October 2021

Unity “You could describe the currrent period in Myanmar as very hopeful, but at the same time most grim. Never have I witnessed my country in such a united front against the military. Only now do I really understand the struggle of ethnic people and their grievances. It was only when the country was shattered […]

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“The spirit of resistance is unbreakable”

5 October 2021

So what is your connection to Myanmar? “When the coup started, I immediately reconnected with friends and former students in Myanmar. I lived and worked there from 2011 to 2016; about three hundred activists took part in courses I organized on transition to democracy. They are all in action now, organizing protests and other actions, […]

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On Europe’s painful silence – testimony of a Belarusian activist

4 October 2021

Het Actiefonds supported various action groups that continued to fight at the risk of their own lives against the oppressive regime of this dictatorial leader. We spoke to an activist who wishes to remain anonymous, from a small town in eastern Belarus. Can you briefly describe the situation in Belarus before the elections in 2020? […]

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Rheinmetall Entwaffnen action video!

25 January 2021

Activists from environmentalist, antifascist, queer, feminist and peace movements all participated in the blockades against a large arms factory in Kassel. “The blockades of the arms factories of Rheinmetall and Kraus-Maffei-Wegman  in Kassel started in the early morning. Production came to a standstill. It was communicated to the workers that the blockades were not directed against the employees, but against arms production. The demand to stop arms production in Germany and elsewhere includes the demand to create equal and meaningful jobs.” After the successful blockade, the different groups then formed a spontaneous demonstration. A recap of the successful, disruptive day of protests has been made, […]

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Malawi: public debate on legalizing abortion while government postpones voting

4 November 2020

The majority of abortion procedures in Malawi are performed under clandestine and unsafe conditions. Complications from abortions have been estimated to account for between 6% and 18% of maternal deaths in Malawi. Abortion is only legal in Malawi to save a woman’s life. A national debate is currently being held on whether or not to […]

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RAINBOW MARCH – Stop forced encampment policy LGBTQIA+ refugees

4 July 2020

Unsafe situation “The police had failed to guarantee the safety of the refugees and had therefore decided to move them elsewhere. But the camps where the refugees were taken were the same ones they had fled a few months earlier. After a few extremely violent incidents, the organization had indicated once again that they could […]

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Black Lives Matter: call and statement

4 June 2020

We call on everybody to show their solidarity by joining the protests in whatever way they’re able. Het Actiefonds supports social movements and activists all over the world. At this moment we want to finance as many anti-racist direct actions as possible. Apply now via our website. You have our support. No justice, no peace.

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