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Activism: now more important than ever! Statement concerning the corona crisis

26 March 2020

The corona crisis has an enormous impact on our lives, on the economy and on politics. Everyday life has been suspended and many actions cannot go through as planned. At the same time we see that many people are rethinking our way of life. All kinds of new initiatives to help each other are emerging. […]

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Mining stopped thanks to successful protest

23 July 2019

Multinational Sacyr Group has announced they will stop the extremely polluting mining activities. This message came after the local population took action. With support from Het Actiefonds they planted hundreds of trees and thus won back their land. A huge success! The communities have indicated they will continue to plant trees in the coming years, […]

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XminY continues as Het Actiefonds

30 March 2018

But with a new appearance! Today we’re proud to launch our new website and new visual identity. With the help of design agency Cometa we went looking for a visual language that shows what we do: support activists in realising radical societal change. Our name will also make clear what we do. From now on […]

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