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For a plastic free society!

Sierra Leone

ACTION • Ban on the use of single-use plastic products


CASEC campains against single use plastic in Makeni.

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Single-use plastic is polluting the environment and communities’ living spaces everywhere. The Community Action for Social and Envionmental Change (CASEC) in Makeni, Sierra Leone, is fighting for a plastic free society, at least in their town!



CASEC wants to abolish the use of single-use plastic products in Makeni, Sierra Leona. Since most of the plastic used in Makeni is not recyclable, lots of it ends up as litter on the streets and in waterways, or on illegal landfills, often on territories where people live. From time to time, these landfills are set on fire to clear space, spreading toxic smoke. The remaining plastic is – of course – not biodegradable and the toxic chemicals and microplastics that spread through the water and the soil damage crops and drinkable water, and can cause serious health problems for people, plants and animals.

Therefore, CASEC is campaigning on different levels of local society against the use of plastic. They focus on schools and food markets to raise awareness about the devastating impact of plastic products and inspire people to go plastic free. In addition, they also press local policy makers to take anti-single-use plastic measures, like better organizing the waste collection and recycling, lobbying for the production of biodegradable and recyclable plastics and moving the waste from illegal dump sites to official ones, creating healthier living environments. They equally hold talkshows on local TV to make the issue a hot topic.

CASEC is a Makeni NGO that addresses the disturbance of ecosystems at a local level, working on local solutions to protect the environment and all people living in and with the local ecosystems. CASEC also focusses on the sustainable management of natural resources, like local wood supplies, while helping communities to anticipate, cope and adapt to changing environmental conditions.

Het Actiefonds is proud to support CASEC in their campaigns for a healthier environment for all, because everyone deserves water without microplastics.