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More antifascist resistance in Italy!


ACTION • Non disturbare chi vuole fare!


Contrario campaigned to mobilize and radicalize the Centocelle neighborhood to fight the fascist Meloni government.

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In her first speech as Italy’s prime minister, Giorgia Meloni introduced a motto: Non disturbare chi vuole fare. Don’t disturb those who want to act. She meant it in the most neoliberal sense; do not tax corporations. But don’t get it twisted: Meloni is first and foremost a fascist politician. Since her election in 2022, fascism has become a legitimate form of governing in Italy since the election of Giorgia Meloni in 2022.

That is why we need a strong and united voice against the dangerous racist, sexist, and oppressive Italian government. Associazione Culturale Contrario is strongly convinced that most people in Italy, with or without citizenship, are not fascist. They want to encourage people who feel isolated, confused, afraid or disempowered, to rise up and fight for solidarity, social justice and to protect and build on Italy’s rich history of anti-fascism. 

Contrario has organized a political campaign spanning the first 4 months of 2024 to mobilize and radicalize their neighborhood Centocelle in Rome. It was not an easy task, considering the continued crackdown on left-wing activism by Meloni’s government. The most famous example is, the anti-rave decree, which got a lot of attention from ravers, leftists and other movements. It is a blatant attempt to repress countercultural movements. Contrario campaigned against this decree as well as against other repressive laws, such as a new law that criminalizes radical left archives with the excuse of ‘ending the promotion of terrorism’. This is a blatant attempt to change history, and a direct threat to Contrario’s own archive.

Contrario campaigned for months with an antifascist ‘minifestival’, workshops in poster and sticker making in schools and in their own place in Centocelle, reusing and reinterpreting Meloni’s ‘don’t disturb those who want to act’ in a satirical and situationist way. They want to promote freedom of expression and assembly, freedom of movement for all, neighborhood activism, acts of solidarity, and non-violent direct actions. In short, a wide antifascist movement, full of humor and creativity. They used the stickers and posters together with banners and graffiti in actions across the country.

Throughout their campaign, they have met a lot of unknown residents of the neighborhood, inspiring confidence in future collaborations and solidarities to fight the fascist government. Het Actiefonds is proud to support Contrario. No pasarán!