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Fruitful protest against extremely polluting mines


Local struggle against polluting mines in Spain


Local people are fighting for the preservation of their land and livelihood, which are threatened by polluting mining activities.

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Residents of the municipality of Lousame in Galicia, Spain are fighting for the preservation of their land and livelihood. These are threatened by the heavily polluting mining activities of the multinational Sacyr Group. The river and the land are becoming unusable, and the residents are threatened with eviction.

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Poisoned soil

Around 1500 families – mainly women – depend on the mussel capture and processing in the area around the Muros-Noia estuary. The mining industry pollutes the soil with heavy metals. As a result, thousands of hectares of seabed have already been closed. The consequences for the community are disastrous: no livelihood without mussel capture. Meanwhile, Sacyr Group is taking legal steps to block environmental groups from taking water samples in sites where illegal discharges of toxic substances are taking place, in order to keep their harmful practices under wraps.

Forced expulsion

The communities living around the mine are not only in danger of losing their income. They are also threatened with eviction from their homes and the loss of even more of their land. Residents complain of intimidation by the Sacyr Group. Despite massive protests, the regional government continues to support the mining activities.

Regaining the ground

With the help of Het Actiefonds, local communities are reclaiming the land that has been taken from them. They do this by planting endangered, native tree species in the old mine shafts and mining holes. Many families with children are planting trees in the soil, thus getting right of use to the trees and its fruits. The goal is to restore the affected areas and reclaim the lost ground.

Help out

Do you agree that it’s unacceptable that the interests of multinationals take precedence over the rights and health of local communities? Show your solidarity with the residents of Galicia and donate now!