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Transcare without diagnosis!


Transzorg NU Nijmegen

On September 18, Transzorg NU demonstrates at the Grote Markt in Nijmegen for accessible and efficient trans care.

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On September 18, Transzorg Nu demonstrates at the Grote Markt in Nijmegen for accessible and efficient trans care.


Transition is a positive step that brings trans people much happiness, because in this way they can take control of their own life. It is therefore all the more odd that trans people are dependent on health care institutions and psychiatrists, who often make them wait for years before they can continue with their transition. In the Netherlands it is still necessary to be diagnosed with ‘gender dysphoria’ by a gender team to get your transition insured. As a result, the total transition process now takes an average of 7.5 years.

The slow transition process causes a lot of unnecessary stress. This is why Transzorg NU is standing up for the self-determination of trans people. You should not have to get a diagnosis before you can get the care you deserve. Therefore, replace the psychiatric diagnosis ‘gender dysphoria’ from the DSM5 with the somatic-body diagnosis ‘gender incongruence’ from ICD11. Indeed, this diagnosis has no pathological focus on suffering or the stigmatizing psychiatric status. Instead, it places the enduring conviction of gender identity at the center. For all the requirements of Transzorg NU, please visit here.

Transzorg NU Nijmegen – September 18.

Nijmegen is an important place for transition care in the Netherlands: besides Amsterdam UMC and Groningen UMC, Radboud UMC is the only academic hospital with a gender team. Meanwhile, even there the waiting time has increased to more than two years. That is why Het Actiefonds supports the new branch of Transzorg NU in Nijmegen.

On September 18, Transzorg NU plans to demonstrate in the afternoon at the Grote Markt in Nijmegen – right in the middle of the city center. They will use a combination of fiery and vulnerable speeches, and artistic performances. From a stage – provided with beautiful decor made by Nijmegen artist duo Naaistreek – substantive speeches will be made. Bappie Kortram, for example, will speak about how transition care is often denied to fat individuals. Others will speak from their own experience about, among other things, the intersection of trans and neurodiversity, the hard life as a trans person in Dutch asylum seekers’ centers, and the importance of quick help for young trans persons. And they will hand over their demands to the Radboud UMC. Furthermore, a group of non-binary dancers will give a performance. There will be singing, and their own Suus te Braak (aka ‘DJ Hizzle’) will play between performances.