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Vacancy: region specialist Africa

Het Actiefonds is an organization with a mission, that invests in social change. We are an independent fund that has been supporting social movements fighting for a just and sustainable world in which humans, environment and animals are more important than economic interests. We support protests, demonstrations, strikes and other forms of direct action aimed at combating exploitation, climate change and social and economic inequality. Due to the diversity of themes and the worldwide range of actions we support, Het Actiefonds is an organization where you can give substance to your ideals in a practical way.

General information

Wanted: region specialist Africa

Het Actiefonds is an organisation driven by volunteers that has a small paid team. Het Actiefonds has five sections with region specialists who, on a voluntary basis, make substantive judgments about which actions will receive our financial support. We are now looking for volunteers with knowledge of and a network in the African continent. Do you have affinity with activism and social movements and a few spare hours every month? And do you endorse the objectives and vision of Het Actiefonds? Join our section! 

The Africa section is responsible for funding action groups in different countries across the African continent. In addition to assessing funding proposals, we try to increase the awareness of Het Actiefonds in the region and keep close ties with a variety of local activist organisations.

What do we expect from region specialists?

  • Affinity with the work of Het Actiefonds;
  • Knowledge of socio-political relations in the region;
  • A network of activists and critical grassroots movements in the region;
  • Available for meetings one evening a month.

When you become an active member of the section, we do not expect you to be an expert on all topics and countries. It is important that you have some knowledge of the socio-political relations and also that you have some insights into the dynamics of social movements. During the discussions at the monthly meetings you will deepen and develop your knowledge further.

We are specifically encouraging people who have roots in the region to apply. We strongly prefer hiring people belonging to the African diaspora.

Practical information

The section meets once a month in Amsterdam. To ensure continuity within a section, you are expected to attend at least eight out of the twelve meetings per year and that you remain active for at least one year. Het Actiefonds employs a mutual trial period of three months. If you live outside of Amsterdam, you will get your travel costs reimbursed.

Do you want to apply? Or do you have questions? Mail to jelle@hetactiefonds.nl