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Cycling against nuclear power as a sop in the fight against climate change


ACTION • Cycling protest against nuclear power


WISE organizes a cycling protest against new nuclear power plants in the Netherlands after the subject has been reintroduced at the previous elections.

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The discussion around nuclear energy revitalized with the previous elections. Cranked up by political parties who are not necessarily renowned for their enthusiasm for a sustainable policy on climate change, it seems to be mostly a way to lead the debate away from the necessary energy transition, and continue with business as usual.


The still-to-be-formed cabinet will be the last cabinet that can execute the necessary policy that will keep us below 1,5ºC temperature change, and nuclear power is back on the table as one of the ‘solutions’ offered by political parties. According to WISE, an organization that has been fighting against new nuclear power plants since 1978, promoting nuclear energy is a pitfall on the road of the energy transition that is really necessary. Nuclear power has too many problems with the storage of radioactive waste and potential safety issues to be really green, clean or sustainable.

This is why WISE is organizing a cycling protest through Zeeland and Brabant, the two provinces that offered themselves as potential hosts for a new nuclear power plant. The three-day cycling tour starts with a manifestation in Middelburg, and goes past the already existing power plant in Borsele, to Moerdijk, a potential location for a new nuclear plant, and will finally arrive in Den Bosch. Along the route, multiple manifestations will be held to make clear to politicians and policymakers that the fight against nuclear power is alive and well.

Het Actiefonds supports the cycling protest and the fight against nuclear power. Keep an eye on the Facebook page of WISE for updates and news around the cycling protest.