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Trans Zorg Nu! asks attention for malpractices in transgender health care and demands improvement


ACTION • Protest against malpractices in transgender health care


Trans Zorg Nu! speaks up against malpractices in transgender health care and demands improvement and more inclusivity.

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The Netherlands, the country that likes to identify itself as progressive when it comes to the acceptance and emancipation of the LGBTQIAP community,  is coping with a terribly outdated transgender healthcare system. Trans Zorg Nu! brings attention to the issues within transgender health care and demands a quick modernization and more inclusive policy.


At the VUMC (A-UMC) gender team in Amsterdam, patients are facing long waiting lists, outdated and humiliating diagnosing procedures, ignorance, and abuse of power. Transgenders are taken less seriously when they don’t fit within the standard healthcare policy, because they identify as non-binary, or are struggling with autism or depression. Who wants to transition is forced to comply with the outdated image that doctors have from transgenders.

Trans Zorg Nu! demands improvement and organizes a protest march on Saturday the 26th of June, from the George Gershwinplein to the Olympic Stadium, past the gender clinic of the VUMC. There will be speeches and the following demands will be communicated:

  1. No waiting lists
  2. No diagnoses, no gatekeeping; complete self-determination.
  3. Decentralize transgender health care, break the monopoly.
  4. Transgender health care in transgender hands.

Het Actiefonds supports Trans Zorg Nu! with the organization of the protest. Come to the protest on the 26th of June, share the Facebook-event, and follow Trans Zorg Nu! on Facebook and Instagram.